About Us

Petra is a certified Yoga teacher for children and adults and currently teaches Yoga at private  and public schools in the Lower Mainland, including Preschools and Kindergartens.

She has worked with the Ministry of Education teaching Yoga to kids from challenged homes and has a degree in Children’s Psychology.

She has also obtained her certification in the ‘Brain Gym’ Kinesiology program. Children are Petra’s constant source of inspiration and she believes that they are one of our greatest teachers. Petra approaches all Yoga classes with JOY and exuberance and believes that, with a little help, everybody has the infinite wisdom to take care of itself. As a teacher, she honors the capabilities of her students and helps them progress to the next level. Petra believes that all types of Yoga give us the tools and insights to help us deal with life’s challenges and are a true gift to mankind.

The best way to describe *RAY*N*BOW*YOGA* is the “Yoga (Union) of Diversity”, an acceptance and inclusion of ALL, without any religious content. It focuses on the full acceptance of ourselves and others and the world around us. Children are taught to listen to their bodies, and are given the tools to deal with their emotions and life’s challenges through accessing their bodies’ inner wisdom. With the help of meditation, children are shown how to reach their ‘quiet centre’ through sound, movement and relaxation. The ultimate goal of *RAY*N*BOW*YOGA* is to learn to be in a joyful, positive space each and every day!