Yoga Classes

Schools & Sports Teams – Raynbow Yoga works with public and private schools in the Lower Mainland and is contracted in through the DPA program, the Gym Program or before and after school hours. Special rates and package deals are available for classes 4 and over.

Preschool and Kindergarten StudentsAges 3 to 5 are taught in a “Story context” & usually have their own separate class unless they are in a “Family Yoga Class”

Class Duration: 45 min to 1 hour 

Classes for Students Ages 5 to 8 are taught in a “Story context”  with 4 components ie. Warm Up, Yoga Story, Relaxation and short Meditation.

Class Duration: 1 hour

Classes for StudentsAges 9 and up are taught in a “Tools for Life” format where students have the opportunity to learn through different topics how their mind and body functions and gain insight into how to manage their feelings and emotions in productive, constructive ways.

Class Duration: 1 hour

Family ClassesAges 3 to 12  gives parents the opportunity to interact with their children through creativity, play and fun. Classes are interactive and dynamic and explore all of our senses through movement, music and play.

Class Duration: 1 hour

Yoga for Youth – Providing Youth with creative and dynamic ways to foster discipline, hope, self discovery and respect for themselves, others and their community in a safe yoga environment.

Kundalini Yoga Classes – Kundalini Yoga combines Asana (postures) with Pranayam (breath) and Mantra (sound) to give us awareness of ourselves. The word Yoga means “to yoke, to unite” that which unites our body, mind and spirit connecting us to our inner wisdom and the infinity within ourselves.

Chair Yoga – Enjoy slow, gentle, modified yoga movements as you stretch every part of your body and improve your range of motion from the comfort of your chair.

Explanation of Kids Yoga Classes

All classes begin with a ‘centering sound’ of OM  which is the Sanskrit word for the the ‘Inclusion of Everything”

For Ages 3-8 classes are taught in a ‘Story’ format where children can experience being a part of a story such as ‘the rock rolling down the hill’ or ‘being the bridge’ etc.
All classes have a positive message and the focus is on large motor movements, imagination and fun.

For Ages 9 and up Yoga classes are taught with a theme and/or a Life Skill in mind such as Motivation, Happiness, Anger, Patience etc. Students are given the tools and explanations to deal with their bodies and emotions. The message in these classes is acceptance of self and our uniqueness as individuals.


A short relaxation will be built in after the set so children have an opportunity to learn to relax. The teacher goes around to every student and does the “Noodle test” whereby the child relaxes their arm like a ‘wet noodle’ and lets the teacher lift it up. This is a great way for children to learn that they can tell their mind to tell their body what to do.


All Yoga classes have a short meditation which usually includes, quiet, calming music and hand movements of some kind, as younger children have difficulty sitting still for longer periods of time.


All music is age appropriate


All Classes end with a Celtic Song called “The Long Time Sun”. (optional)

The class then ends again with the ‘centering sound OM or SAT NAM which means “Truth is my identity”, honouring our uniqueness as individuals.

Yoga Birthday Parties

Package One


  • * One Raynbow Yoga story with a positive message
  • * Meditation with Jeeto, the warm buddy cat
  • * Interactive Yoga games
  • * Learn how to make your brain work with a special Yoga song
  • * Dancing and singing to the Rainbow song
  • * Yoga stamps
  • * Raynbow Yoga water
  • * Raynbow Bubbles to take home and your ‘tool kit’ on how to ‘create yourself happy’
Duration: 2 hours
Package Two


  • * All of package one plus…
  • * Semi precious stone in organza bag chosen by your child and the meaning on how it can help them grow and accept themselves just the way they are.
Duration: 2.5 hours
Package Three


  • * All of package one and two plus…
  • * Personalize your own Raynbow Yoga T-shirt with your own handprint.
Duration: 3 hours


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